Quintara Discovery

About Us

Quintara Discovery, a discovery & development specialist based in the San Francisco Bay Area, provides high-quality in vitro ADME profiling, bioanalysis services, and dedicated assay development and compound screening. We have accumulated extensive knowledge and insight in designing high-fidelity assays, obtaining and analyzing critical data, and prioritizing compounds for advancement. All experiments are performed in South San Francisco by an experienced and talented scientific team who are available for real-time communication, discussion and consultation. Our strong focus on lab operation, automation, instrumentation and project management enables an industry-leading turn-around delivery time with excellent quality. We stand behind all our assay results. With a customer-centric philosophy, Quintara strives to be your partner in drug Discovery & Development!

In the past 4 years, Quintara Discovery has worked with over 150 organizations, including 6 of the 10 largest biopharma companies in the world and many leading universities and institutes such as Stanford, UCSF, and the NIH. We have supported various start-up biotech companies that have gone IPO or been bought by large pharma/biotech companies. In 2014-2016, some of our clients were acquired at a significant premium by BMS, Amgen, Roche/Genentech, AbbVie, Merck and Pfizer. We have a proven record of bringing success to our clients and their projects by an intense and undivided focus on experiments and compound profiling that are on the critical path.