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MDCK-MDR1 Permeability

This assay model allows for an in vitro approach for evaluating possible interactions with the efflux protein Pgp, by monitoring the permeability of a known substrate, using the MDCK-MDR1 cell line in the presence of the study compound. ContactUs

Assay Methodology

The efflux ratios can be determined in the MDCK-MDR1 cell line, by measuring the apparent permeability (Papp) values of test compound for both the apical to basal (A>B) and basal to apical (B>A).

MDCK-MDR1 Permeability: Standard Assay Conditions (Customizable)

Testing Compound Concentration 10 μM
Assay Buffer HBSS, pH 7.4
Plate Format 24-well or 96-well Transwell plates
Transport Period 1 hour at 37C
Detection Method LC-MS/MS
Control Compounds Digoxin and propranolol
Deliverables Papp value for A-B and B-A directions, efflux ratio
Turnaround Time 5-7 Days
Compound requirements 20 μL 10 mM DMSO stock