Quintara Discovery


Quintara Discovery provides comprehensive bioanalytical and analytical solutions to support drug discovery and development. Our scientists are experienced in working with challenging molecular entities in complex matrices. Our dedicated project teams are focused on delivering high quality data in meeting stringent timelines. Studies we support are various PK/TK, biomarkers and other research projects involves test article analysis in the biological system using LC/MS/MS, HPLC/UV, and HPLC/FL. ContactUs

Typical samples:

Non-GLP discovery and clinical samples of various fluids and tissues. Dose formulation. Cell lysates.


  • Mass Spetrometer- API4000, API4000Qtrap (2), API5000
  • HPLC: Shimadzu 20LC (3), Shimadzu Nexera X2, Agilent 1100, Agilent 1200 (2)
  • Tissue processing: Polytron, TissueLyser II, Precellys 24
  • Liquid handling: Sciclone 3000 (2), Zephyr Sampling Station, Agilent Bravo Liquid Handling System, HTC PAL autosamplers (3)

Sample matrices:

Plasma Brain Kidney Tumor Bile
Whole blood Heart Intestine Vitreous fluid Cerebrospinal fluid
Urine Liver Colon Aqueous humor Bronchial lavage fluid
Feces Lung Bone Marrow Instestinal fluid Cell lysate/culture

Sample preparation techniques:

Protein precipitation, solid phase extraction, liquid liquid extraction, supported liquid extraction

Typical method development for screening:

We utilize an array of generic methods to analyze most of the samples with a rapid turnaround time.

Method transfer:

If the customer already has a method in place, we offer method transfer service. We first test the suitability of the method and then make necessary modifications in order to maintain the quality of the assay performance.

Extensive method development and validation:

We provide customized method for compounds with unique properties that require extensive method development. We also provide method validation following FDA guidance in the non-GLP setting, evaluating specificity, linearity, accuracy, precision, stability, recovery, matrix effect, carryover, and reproducibility of the method.


We provide report and consultation for pharmacokinetics and toxicokinetics. PK/TK evaluations are carried out using Phoenix WinNonlin software.