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Quintara Discovery welcomes inquiries on potential collaboration and partnership opportunities. We offer comprehensive advice on all areas of discovery and preclinical development.

Our ADME profiling platform is available to boost our partner’s discovery productivity. For example, the RapidFire-MS system provides a high-throughput platform for high-resolution CYP450 inhibition and TDI assays. A recent poster using our platform and Labcyte Echo platform for TDI was presented at the 2013 SLAS conference in Orlando, FL.(SLAS 2013 TDI Poster)

Our RapidFire-MS platform also enables label-free detection, offering a clear advantage over the traditional systems with artificially labeled probes. This system is ideal for secondary and confirmative assays for any target that produces a small molecule or peptide product. Some good examples include epigenetic and tumor metabolism targets such as IDH1 and HDAC.

Please contact info@quintaradiscovery.com for more information.

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